What can I do when my account is hacked/scammed?

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    If you have a weak password or frequently access unknown sites this makes you vulnerable to being hacked or scammed. These are instructions on what you should do when you get hacked/scammed and what you should do or prepare in a case where you feel you may lose your account.

    Step 1:
    Firstly, you should not panic. Gather any information that can prove the ownership of your account. Some of the information that may help the staff in identifying your account is as following:

    a. A scanned copy of your credit card with everything blacked out except the last four digit on the card. Example:
    b. The email used to first register your account.
    c. Date of birth used to register your account.
    d. Name used to register your account.

    Step 2:
    You need to send this information to an IMVU Customer Care Representative. You can do so by visiting the Help Center. Note that you do NOT need to create a new account to do so. You can create an IMVU Temporary Log-in for emergency cases like this.

    How Do I Submit a Help Ticket?

    1. Once you have created a temporary login, visit the Help Center.
    2. Click on "Get Support".
    3. Next click on "Submit a Case".
    4. File a ticket under General Support > Account Hacked
    5. It is important to get straight to the point and include only relevant information.

    Helpful format to file a ticket in case you lost your account:
    6. The next step is to attach the scanned copy of your credit card. Simply click on the button "Attach a File" and then click "Attach File" and look for the scanned file.

    What can I do if I dont have a scanner?
    Not to worry, any means of capturing an image of the credit card into a digital form (to be sent into help ticket) is acceptable. This means you can use a scanner, digital camera or even phone camera. Dont forget to black out everything on your credit card except the last 4 digits.
    (Note that IMVU does not work on weekends)

    The next step is to patiently wait for your ticket to be looked into.​
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